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Sunday, May 2, 2010

No Bake Cookies

This is Day #2 of being snowed in.  It has been nice because even Michael gets to stay home from work.  That's been nice for me because I get an extra set of hands with the daily chores and with Murphy Man.  

I got done early with the chores for today and did my baking in the middle of the afternoon instead of having to wait until the evening during Michael's "Mensday" (he's got a hockey game tonight).  

This week's recipe was for No Bake Cookies from over at Eat at Home.  When you get a chance you should go over and check out her recipes.  I made her Broccoli Soup yesterday and it was delicious.

I got everything together and realized that I didn't have any wax paper to let them set-up on.  I greased down a few cookie sheets and just left it at that. 

It takes a while for them to set-up but when they are done they taste heavenly.  I snagged a cookie before they were completely done anyway.  

It reminds me of when I was a little girl and would go visit my parents' friends down in Myrtle Beach.  Auntie Bernice would have these sitting out on her sideboard (or buffet for all you who aren't my mother).  Then I could just grab one every time I walked by from the family room to the bedroom and back again.  

They are so simple to make and it makes the whole house smell like cocoa and peanut butter. And yes, you can start this recipe with a stick of butter!  Yeah Me!



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