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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pot Full Of Pinto Beans

I know this isn't really baking but I thought I would share this with you anyways.  Last month while I was in Michigan visiting family for the week my Auntie Carol made the best pot of pinto beans.  We must have ate off of them for a few days.  When I returned home I said I would make up a pot of them for Michael "just the way Auntie Carol made them".  

A couple of days ago I asked her what she did and then added a little of my own flavors to the mix.  I chopped up two cloves of garlic and about a quarter of a white onion.  I through those in the pot with a bit of olive oil and let them cook up a bit.  Fresh garlic is the most heavenly smell on the planet!

Back when Murphy was born we had house guests week after week after week.  One of the things we bought was a huge ham so we could feed the masses.  Michael, being the smarty pants that he is, saved the big ole ham bone.  I thawed it out and through that in the pan with two cans of pinto beans.  

Next I doctored it up a little bit.  Aunt Carol said to add a bit of sugar, a bit of saved cooking grease (I used some bacon grease from dinner the other night- bacon grilled cheese sandwiches), and a little bit of garlic salt.  I let it all simmer for a while.  The house smelled wonderful.  

Auntie Carol served her pinto beans with a big batch of cornbread.  That was good but I'm more of a rice person.  Unfortunately, I planned poorly and had no rice in the house so I whipped up a little bit of orzo on the side. 


Tanja said...

I'm following you back from Tanja's Cupcakes.

Have a great day!

Rana said...

I bet this would taste real good with ham hocks. We need a recipe like this for the weekend. It almost reminds me of when Nana would make her green beans, potatoes and ham hocks for dinner.


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