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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easy Bake Cheddar Biscuits

This week I decided to change things a little bit.  I thought instead of a dessert I would do something else.  I found a great recipe for Easy Bake Cheddar Biscuits from Kraft.  We always go to Red Lobster and just devour their biscuits so we were hoping we could find a similar recipe that we could quickly make up at home. I saw these and hoped they'd taste the same. 


Before I even got started I sat and watched the video tutorial on the website. I will be the first to admit that breads are not my baking forte.  I hoped this would go a little easier.  I mixed all the dry ingredients with pieces of cold butter. It didn't seem like enough and the mixture didn't get quite as grainy, crumbly as in the video.  


I of course didn't go with my gut and add more butter but instead moved on to added the cheese and milk. Once I rolled the dough out it seemed to be okay and so I cut them like the video and onto the baking sheet they went. 


Once they came out of the oven I came to the realization that my husband could play roller-hockey all spring and summer and then some.  These things were like hockey pucks. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but man, these things were nasty!  I'm hoping to doctor the recipe next time around.  Maybe all I need is a bit more butter and a pinch more salt for flavor.  Did I happen to mention they tasted like cardboard. Yuck!  Does anybody else have any suggestions?



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